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Kobutan is a Japanese self-defence tool while Krav Maga is an Israeli self-defence system meaning contact combat. It does not have exactly established rules. We joined the tool with the system and present them in a whole new approach to the Readers. The presented techniques have been selected based on attacks that happened in reality. We improved and the SUCCESSFUL SURVIVAL TECHNIQUES used in the street and set them in a system.

I have consulted hundreds of policemen, investigation officers, victims and eyewitnesses. My goal was to prepare a list of the most frequent attacks carried out against people in the street. We could establish the most common attack models based on the answers of more than 200 professionals. 

After that, I showed these attack models to self-defence professionals, street fighters, martial arts practitioners and asked them to work out appropriate defence techniques for these situations. In many cases, we took the defence method used by the attacked persons as a basis and improved it. These SUCCESSFUL SURVIVAL TECHNIQUES form the bulk of our defence models. These techniques were further improved, refined or enhanced with the help of the keyring.

The involved professionals provided thousands of descriptions and videos about the recommended technical solutions. An amateur and a professional team selected the most appropriate ones from these. We only included those techniques that were recommended by both professionals and the people from the street. Several techniques had to be excluded because they did not meet the most important criteria, i.e. that the used technique should be EASY TO LEARN, EFFECTIVE and SIMPLE.  

In fact, the used techniques only enhance our instinctive, automatic defensive reactions. We can gain an incredible amount of extra strength by enhancing our instinctive moves and reactions.

Finally we selected the over 100 defence techniques which, in my opinion, meet the above principles.