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About us

About us

If you walk on a dark street and you hear steps behind your back, you start to walk faster. You don’t have to turn, you know that the person is walking faster, too. You know he can catch you and you don’t know where to escape. Do you know what you are going to do?

In this case the solution can be our Kobukrav techniques and techniques with kobutan, too.

Tibor Sklut has developed the Kobukrav self defense method, cooperating with security and self defense experts from all over the world.

The biggest advantage is that anybody can use it. It doesn’t mater how old is the person, if the person is a woman or a man.

                                 KOBUTAN + KRAV MAGA = KOBUKRAV

Kobutan is a Japanese self defense tool. Krav Maga is an Izrael self defence which means combat.  

Tibor Sklut attained on a lot of safety and self defense training abroad, too. This experience gave him the idea of establishing the very simple method of self defence. This is a changing and developing method. Learn the Kobukrav self defense techniques and defend yourself in case of trouble.

Our Products

An individual self defense video course

Self defense course – it is ideal for girls, women, men, elderly people. It doesn’t matter what type of figure you have, are overweight. We can teach you for self defense techniques with our kobutan. It can be learned very easily. You can watch the videos as many times as you like.

Self defense courses for adults – it is available for any age. It can be organized in Slovakia and Hungary. We do them in Slovak, Hungarian, Czech and English.

Self defense summer camps – currently we organize them in Dunaszerdahely{Dunajska Streda} for ages 6-16 boys and girls. The camp is not only about self defense, they learn a lot of useful things. You can read more about it on our Kobukrav Facebook. We can organize the camp anywhere in the country.

Self defense courses for schools – we teach students for self defense techniques on the lesoon of PE. Children and teachers like it very much. Especially we teach them how to escape.

Special self defense courses – self defense training for any kind of jobs. Every occupation has  attack situations. We give solutions for these attacks, e.g.drivers, taxi drivers have about 10 attack situations. We offer the self defense techniques for only these 10 attacks.

SOS products – our magnets and stickers can save lives. A lot of people don’t know the most important numbers in case of emergency.

Safety training for social crowded events – we teach the organizers how to deal with stressed situations, terrorist attacks,..... It can save lives.

Details of our Kobukrav civil association

Trhovisko 444/6  929 01 Dunajska Streda

ICO: 51285312

Become a member of our Kobukrav civil association

We connect people who are fans of this self defense.

Become a member of our Kobukrav civil association with a volunteer membership fee payment.

Account number: IBAN: SK28 5600 0000 0057 1859 2001 . Everybody will get a prize.