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Key Ring Black

Key Ring

Kobutan is a Japanese self-defence tool while Krav Maga is an Israeli self-defence system meaning contact combat. It does not have exactly established rules. We joined the tool with the system and present them in a whole new approach to the Readers. The presented techniques have been selected based on attacks that happened in reality. We improved and the SUCCESSFUL SURVIVAL TECHNIQUES used in the street and set them in a system.

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Please note that the company KOBUKRAV  and the film’s makers hold the authorship rights to this movie. Any unofficial copying of this film is a criminal act. The usage of its part for the purposes other than private viewing is possible only with agreement of its authors!

KOBUKRAV  as well as the makers of this instructional film hold no liability for any kind of unlawful use of the procedures and techniques depicted in the film or for the use of KEY RING  for committing criminal acts. They furtherhold no liability for any kind of damages against health or propertycaused by erroneous instructions, wrong application or inadequate usage of the demonstrated techniques and procedures. This applies to the training as well as real-life situation of confrontation.

The contents of the film are solely illustrative in nature. In any kind of usage of the KEY RING, it is always necessary to consider the specificities of each situation and the proportionality of the use of force, but mainly the lawful basis of real-life application of any of the shown self-defense and professional procedures. These factors determine the choice of technique, the intensity of its use and timing.

KOBUKRAV KEY RING  provides a highly effective tool, the usage of which can lead to severe injury or even death! Even when practicing the techniques, it is necessary to exercise caution and use the required protective gear.

The demonstrated tests in no way serve as a guide for the product’s everyday use. These extreme tests conducted by trained specialists and are necessary for the continuous assessment of the threshold possibilities of KOBUKRAV  products. They generally end in the product’s destruction. Their emulation by the users constitutes breach of warranty conditions and will not be recognized for the purposes of warranty claims.